LA28 Four New Emblems

LA28 Launches Four New Emblems

LA28 Launches Four New Emblems


On Olympic and Paralympic Day, LA28 launched four new animated emblems representing Los Angeles and the spirit and vision of the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Like the city of LA, these new LA28 emblems represent endless possibility and the power of our differences.


Each emblem represents a different story. To date, LA28 has launched more than 35 individual emblems including design collaborations with artists, celebrities, athletes and tastemakers to showcase a collection of voices that truly represents all the diverse and unique aspects of Los Angeles and Angelenos.


Check out what each Emblem represents:

LA28 Youthful Energy Olympic A


Youthful Spirit Olympic 'A'

A nod to the active and lively energy of our city, youthful energy is a welcome reminder that sport can be both serious and playful. Inspired by children's animation and LA's iconic street art, this new emblem looks like the fun our creators had in designing it!  
Boldness/Breaking Boundaries Paralympic 'A'

Unexpected and Unapologetic

Boldness/Breaking Boundaries Paralympic 'A'

Paralympians engage in boundary-breaking feats every day. The boldness emblem celebrates their joyful, athletic spirit as they proudly live their most authentic lives on and off the field of play.
LA28 Athlete Spirit Olympic A


Athlete Spirit Olympic 'A'

Athletes are the heart and center of the games. Their twists and turns in their journeys to the games drive their competitive spirits as they work to appear on the world's greatest stage.
Determination Paralympic 'A'

Relentless Resolve

Determination Paralympic 'A'

The determination emblem celebrates the dedication and determination that it takes to overcome the many challenges of becoming an elite athlete and what it feels like to compete at the highest levels.