Website Accessibility Policy

Website Accessibility Policy

The LA28 website is created for everyone. To provide content that is more accessible to people with disabilities, this website adheres to leading industry accessibility guidelines.

The color contrast ratio between foreground and background colors passes Level AA of the Accessible Colors guidelines and the site’s content allows high-contrast filters without limiting accessibility.

Any elements on the website such as images and videos that have Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA), include alternative text or ARIA labels, as needed.

The website can be navigated using only the keyboard allowing users to access and interact with all content.

Website headings work to allow assistive technologies to navigate pages and find content more quickly. Screen readers can announce the heading along with its level or provide other audible cues.

All content passes the required criteria to allow users to pause, stop or hide any content that moves, blinks or scrolls automatically for more than five seconds.

This website will be regularly updated to enhance and improve accessibility, making it as inclusive as possible using the latest guidelines and technology innovations available.