LA28 Supports Campaign Honoring People with Disabilities

Ahead of the Tokyo Paralympic Games, LA28 is proud to support the International Paralympic Committee's WeThe15 campaign to support the 15 percent of people around the world living with a disability.


“We must do everything we can to create a more inclusive culture for people with disabilities,” said LA28 Chairperson Casey Wasserman.


“Sport is a reflection of our world and the Tokyo Paralympic Games are the right time to progress the conversation and advance opportunities for people with disabilities.”


“We can celebrate our differences and create space for everyone through a more accessible culture in sport and beyond, which is why I’m energized by the collaboration and opportunity ahead for WeThe15.”


The IPC’s campaign aspires to be the largest-ever human rights movement to create a more inclusive society for the 1.2 billion people living with disabilities. WeThe15 hopes to change attitudes, create opportunities and shape what's next for the Paralympic Movement with the goal of ending discrimination against persons with disabilities around the globe.


Learn more about how you can get involved with WeThe15 to help create awareness and opportunities for people with disabilities.