Dark photo of someone from behind with an LA28 logo and Japanese kanji saying Japan




Tokyo and LA are teeming with overlapping sports and culture



In celebration of the Tokyo Games, LA28 is surfacing the connections between Los Angeles and Japan. Guccimaze is a talented, local Japanese designer based in Tokyo, Japan who has worked with LA artists to hear how they depict the cultural ties between two cities. Here’s an interview where he shares his story and perspective.




                     Below is a short interview with GUCCIMAZE.


GUCCIMAZE is a graphic designer and artist based in Tokyo, Japan


Growing up in Shonan, Kanagawa, one of the most popular beach cities in Japan with a strong influence of LA culture, he has been creating his own unique interpretation of various typography including graffiti and Japanese calligraphy.


鋭さと硬質さを感じる立体的なフォルム、鮮やかでありながら毒々しさが漂う配色は、世界の名だたる企業やアイコンたちから高く評価を受け、Nicki Minajの『Queen』のジャケットやFlying Lotusの『FLAMAGRA』のアルバムロゴ制作をはじめ、Fetty Wap、Post Maloneらにもグラフィックを提供している。

His sculptural forms with a sense of edginess and hardness, and his vivid and almost toxic color schemes have been well received by the world's most famous corporations and individuals. He has created the cover of Nicki Minaj's "Queen", Flying Lotus' "FLAMAGRA" album logo, and has also provided graphics for Fetty Wap and Post Malone.


What influences have you had from LA? 


There is an LA-esque feel and culture in my hometown Shonan. My family loves surfing, so I naturally had a lot of exposure to the logos of surf brands that I was familiar with since I was a kid. I feel that LA has its own chill vibe, or perhaps a distinctive style that is completely different from other cities. The music, the design, the vibes of the city... I'm heavily influenced by its relaxed vibe and spirit.


What L.A. and Tokyo have in common and what are the major differences?


The common denominator between LA and Tokyo is that they are both in a role to spread cultures. LA is a city that is constantly creating and delivering something new in many aspects of culture, including music and design. and even if you are across the ocean in Tokyo, you can still receive great inspiration. And of course, Tokyo must be influencing LA in some way. The difference is that Tokyo is just so busy, while LA has a much more laid-back mood. Despite the significant differences, there is a massive power of expression in the differences of the two cities. I think this is the result of the differences in the outputs between Tokyo and LA.


What are your hopes and wishes for LA28?


I am sure that LA creators will set up a whole variety of projects for the Olympics, and I'm looking forward to experiencing them. Although there is still so much negative news around the world, like pandemics, discrimination, poverty, etc., I strongly hope that a truly peaceful world will unfold after we continue to raise our voices and make efforts for solutions. I myself would like to keep moving forward and create works that can be equally successful with the rest of the world by the year 2028.