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LA28 Olympic Sport Program Criteria Finalized

LA28 Olympic Sport Program Criteria Finalized



The International Olympic Committee today approved sport program evaluation criteria to assess sport disciplines and potential new sports for the LA28 Olympic Games. 


In February 2022, the IOC announced the 28 Olympic sports in LA28’s initial sports program including aquatics, archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, canoe, cycling, equestrian, fencing, golf, gymnastics, handball, hockey, judo, rowing, rugby, sailing, shooting, skateboarding, soccer, sport climbing, surfing, taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, triathlon, volleyball and wrestling. 


Beyond the initial 28 sports, the organizing committee for the LA28 Games has the opportunity, but not an obligation, to propose additional new sports for inclusion in the LA28 Olympic program. 


“The sport program is the backbone of the Olympic Games,” said LA28 Chief Operating Officer John Harper. “The evaluation criteria ensure an objective and equitable approach as we holistically plan the LA28 sport program.”    


The criteria are aligned with the LA28 sport program principles and reflect the Olympic Charter, the recommendations of Olympic Agenda 2020+5 and both the IOC and LA28’s vision for the Olympic Games in 2028.  


The LA28 sport program criteria center on: 

  • Prioritizing a reduction in the cost and complexity of hosting the Games  

  • Engaging the best athletes and sports that put athlete health and safety first  

  • Recognizing global appeal and host country interest to excite fans 

  • Prioritizing gender equality and youth relevance to engage new fans and athletes 

  • Upholding integrity and fairness to support clean sport  

  • Supporting environmental sustainability to foster long-term sustainability  


In the coming months, LA28 and the IOC will work with international federations to review disciplines with the evaluation criteria. The criteria will also aid in the evaluation of potential new sports for the LA28 Olympic Games.  


The LA28 Paralympic sport program is determined by a separate process set by the International Paralympic Committee.