LA28 Dual emblem graphic showing the varsity A emblem above the olympic rings next to the equality A emblem above the paralympic agitos





The International Olympic Committee Coordination Commission met with organizers of the LA28 Games this week to track their successful progress.


Held virtually on November 17, the LA28 organizing committee presented a summary of their achievements and developments since the last meeting in October 2020, while outlining priorities for the coming months.


“It’s been very encouraging to see the progress made by LA28, which continues apace,” said IOC Coordination Commission Chair Nicole Hoevertsz. “This is a result of strong collaboration with many stakeholders including the City of Los Angeles and LA’s existing world-class venues. LA28 has made great progress with the roll-out of the PlayLA youth sports programme and the establishment of their Athletes’ Commission.”


With seven years to go, LA28 is now advancing planning, based on strong foundations already in place. LA28 is using this opportunity to focus on the human legacy and ensure the Games leave a lasting positive impact on the community, long after the Games have ended.


“We are thrilled to host a Games that will benefit Los Angeles for the long term,” said LA28 Chairperson Casey Wasserman. “We’ve built an incredible foundation and are proud of the progress we’ve made. We look forward to continuing to bring innovation and investment to Los Angeles as we create an incredible Olympic and Paralympic Games.”


During the virtual meeting, LA28 described how the legacy of the Games has already begun. The PlayLA youth sports program launched earlier this month and is made possible by an $160 million investment in sports from kids from LA28 and the IOC.